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Solar Site Selection, Engineered.

Accelerate Your
Development Pipeline

Through proprietary mapping technology, a national team of land professionals, and deep industry experience, we help developers identify properties and secure site control for solar projects.
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Your Next Solar Project
is Just a Few Clicks Away

We work with our developers in directed capacity or through our Solar Site Exchange – a comprehensive database of prescreened sites with verified landowner interest, and custom site packages tailored to expedite your engineering review.

Why Choose NLR Solar

Comprehensive Property Screening

NLR Solar uses proprietary mapping technology to confirm the viability of a solar site, including wetlands/floodplains, utility infrastructure, and site characteristics.

Landowners Ready to Transact

Unlike pure tech platforms, our team has the relationships in-place to help you access landowners & secure agreements, so you can focus on what matters most – developing projects.

A Trusted Partner in an Emerging Sector

With years of experience in the solar industry, our team is versed in the nuances of negotiating solar land agreements.

Our Results

Since 2015 our team has secured over 1,140 lease agreements in 37 states.


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